Top 6 E-commerce development Trends in 2018

Let’s check the top 6 e-commerce development trends 2018 growing for e-commerce industry in world wide.

1.Chatbots are charming

There is no waiting when chatbots are here. ther are alwalys there to gratify customer needs.

2. Ai is Alluring

Provides shoppers a personalizes shopping experience by understanding their needs

3. Livestream big business moments

let the world know about your product launches, fashion moments and other ‘D-day’ celebrations with live videos.

4.Virtual Reality

VR enables customers to virtually visualize products to give a near-real shopping experience.

5.Drone Delivery

Ramp up delivery efficiency and same day delivery to keep customers happy with flying tons of deliveries with drones.

6.Content readers to products takers

API technology helps the integration of products directly into content by establishing a connection between online retail store and the content platform.

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